Mariska and Meghann are incredibly inspiring and empowering teachers. Both courses are extremely complimentary and build upon each other. The Advanced Course is not only helpful for the teachers, but also people who are directly affected by neurological conditions. The material provides information supported by scientific research as well as proven practices, and it gives students and practitioners a comprehensive overview of anatomy and kinesiology to deepen their understanding of neurological pathologies and ways to address them to maximize recovery. I would absolutely recommend this course to everyone who strives towards deepening knowledge and gaining new insight on how to work with not only neuro clients, but any client. Mariska and Meghann don’t just teach, they passionately share knowledge and it’s both elevating and everlasting.
— Kate Nicodemus COTA/L, Pilates & yoga instructor
“‘Hyper-engaged’ are the words that come to mind when I think of Mariska & Meg. Having kept closely in touch with Mariska since attending her workshop, it is clear how attentive she is to recent therapeutic advances and discoveries. As someone working through my own neuro rehab process, I respect the daily grind of self-motivated recovery exercise Mariska embodies. 

In my concentrated session time with Meg – several two-hour sessions over just two weeks – I quickly realized her rare intuitive sense. Not only did I feel that she understood where my disconnects were, but she was entirely unintimidated to provide the hands-on support I needed for the correct movements. For someone who has paralysis in all four limbs, that is no small feat!”
— Theo St. Francis
As a community OT using Pilates as a rehabilitation tool, I soon realized I was working as a bit of a lone ranger. Discovering the Neuro Studio was like finding the best team of people to learn from, get ideas from and generally feel less isolated in what I was doing.
The courses are fantastic – such knowledge and passion for good movement in the neuro population. And now the online library of Pilates exercises designed specifically for the neuro community is something you can’t find anywhere else in the Pilates world. Understanding the why’s behind movements & compensations and learning how to break them down to build them back up again into functional movements is an empowering tool. The Neuro Studio includes a huge toolkit of ideas, exercises, and strategies to use for whatever symptoms my clients are having that day. Being able to pass on this learning to my clients – to empower them to take back control in their own movement – is extremely rewarding.
I love Pilates as a rehab tool and I LOVE the Neuro Studio and all they offer. Thank you to Meghann & Mariska – you’re fantastic!
— Tamsin Philipps

Praise for Our Courses

I’m so grateful for your course and for the exponential increase in knowledge it gave me. It’s making a difference in the lives of my dear clients - all of whom have been thrown a serious curve ball in life.
— Amy Hull
My new MS client said her first lesson with me last week was the best experience she has had with a fitness instructor or physical therapist - ever.
— Amy Hershey
“Pilates for Neurological Conditions was a wonderful course. Meghann is extremely knowledgeable, and her adept presentation of the material provided tools for our teachers to feel comfortable and secure when teaching clients with neurological conditions that range in severity. We have clients with progressive ataxias and multiple sclerosis. Each of my clients are profoundly grateful for the Pilates work we share with them. It empowers them and gives them strength to feel better on a daily basis. Pilates for Neurological Conditions gave me the tools to feel confident to work with these very challenging issues.”
— Sylvia Byrd-Leitner
I have already seen benefits of the course when working with my MS client and I am on a high after an amazing breakthrough session this afternoon. Her gait has improved and she left my studio feeling so much more confident.
— Natalie Smith
“I am only halfway through the course, but I can tell you clearly it is worth every single penny. My dad has Parkinson’s and this is giving me such a great understanding. I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so excited about finishing the rest of the course and then putting it into practice.”
— Anna Renwick
“I’ve had the pleasure of taking Pilates for Neurological Conditions with Mariska Breland three times now. I traveled to take it in DC the first time, and then hosted her at my studio in Miami two times. Each time, I’ve found the course profoundly interesting and have gathered more knowledge. Mariska also has a knack for making this very dense and complex material easily digestible for students without them feeling as if she is “dumbing it down.” In addition, Mariska is witty and fun with an endless supply of creative exercises for special populations as well as the average student. I would recommend this course to any Pilates professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge. I’ve only received rave reviews from the attendees of the two courses I’ve hosted and I use the very comprehensive manual time and time again as a valuable resource.”
— Gretchen Wagoner
“I took this course a little over a year ago. Mariska does a great job of making the course accessible and engaging for instructors of all levels. I came into the course with a pretty decent background in bio-psychology and I still found this course extremely helpful in building my skills in working with clients with neurological conditions. Her manual is phenomenal and I refer to it frequently. Mariska also goes above and beyond to support the instructors she has trained. If she sees an opportunity to refer a student to you, she will.”
— Lauren Thompson
“By far the best Pilates training I have taken. Being able to confidently teach Pilates to people with neurological conditions has made me a better instructor for everyone I teach not just clients with neuro conditions. It’s also given me a skill that is desperately needed. People with neurological conditions are sorely under served when it comes to exercise options. Being able to share what I learned with my clients who live with neurological conditions has been extremely useful for them. Also Mariska is a wonderful trainer, allows the right amount of time for discussion and practice. I can not recommend this training enough.”
— Clara Gelatt
“I am a Pilates Instructor and took this course run by Meghann last year. The course surpasses any other in the Pilates community in terms of content and applicability. What stood out for me the most was the passion and delivery from Meghann. Her authenticity and kindness brings such integrity to her work it’s impossible to not feel empowered by her knowledge. I continue to learn from her and I am grateful for her help and mentorship.”
— Tarah Womack
“This course was fantastic! Mariska does a wonderful job of explaining conditions and breaking down the exercises in order to apply them in a working session. I left feeling as if I was armed with a wealth of knowledge and the creativity and inspiration to teach any type of client. I highly recommend his course to anyone wanting to expand their Pilates repertoire.”
— Kimberly Farish Kandra
“It is obvious that Mariska’s main goal is to help others regain a sense of ‘normal’ back in their lives. Sharing her work through this course is her passion and generous gift to others.

This course provides easy to use tools for instructors and hope for our clients. I have enjoyed using her material to see drastic improvements in my clients physical and mental wellbeing. My clients have quickly gained strength, positive changes in gait and balance stabilization, less fatigue and more cheerful disposition. Just one example of many, is my client who walked in with a cane after struggling to do other exercise. After one session with Mariska’s method, she was able to walk out without her cane giggling and so encouraged, feeling so much more ‘normal’.”
— Natalie Shook PMA-CPT

Praise for Our Textbook

“Written as a supplement to Breland’s multiple sclerosis workshop, this spiral-bound book stands on its own as a valuable source of information. Along with 250-plus exercises accompanied by instructions and color photographs, it provides in-depth coverage on symptoms, treatments, medications and more…

Whether you’re teaching students with MS or personally dealing with it, this exceptional guide enlightens in a way many medical professionals can’t or don’t.”
— Pilates Style Magazine
“The Pilates for MS Textbook is amazing! Thank you so much for all the work that went into this amazing resource! I am beyond excited to have purchased my copy and already it is helping me to better direct the work with my clients that have neurological struggles. Thank you!”
— Claire Helms Vogt
“I had a patient that took your book home to her hotel room last week for two nights, because she used to LOVE Pilates and has since quit due to MS. She read the book cover to cover in two nights. I specifically had her practice four different exercises and included them on her home rehabilitation program. Thanks for the resource!”
— Meredith Budai, Neurorehab PT