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The Fuse Ladder was created by NeuroRehab Movement co-founder Mariska Breland. It is the most versatile strength, flexibility, and balance training apparatus on the market today.


Mariska is a guest instructor on Pilates Anytime, a popular online Pilates studio that offers affordable Pilates programming anytime, anywhere. Try the site FREE for 30 days using the code BRELAND.

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Naboso™ (meaning "barefoot" in Czech) is the first-ever small nerve proprioceptive material commercially available in the health and fitness industry. From fitness to rehab and performance the Naboso Training Mat is the ideal way to stay grounded and connected through the feet during all movements and exercises.


Zebrafish Neuro is led by Stephanie Behrendt and Theo St. Francis. Their mission is to make mindful movement standard in spinal cord injury recovery.

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The Center for Women’s Fitness was founded by Carolyne Anthony in 1994 and is a leading source for women's health education.