Want to delve really deep in working with clients with neurological diseases? Work one-on-one with both Meghann and Mariska in this special yearlong program!

Once selected for a mentorship program we will meet with you for an in-depth discovery session where we'll discuss your interests and create goals that align your needs with the most beneficial aspects of our research and protocols.

Mentorships include monthly five-hour training sessions with both Meghann and Mariska (please note that travel will be up to you – Meghann lives in New Jersey and Mariska lives in Washington, D.C.). These learning experiences will include lecture, hands-on work and homework review. You will also observe Meghann working with a client with a neurological condition, as well as co-teach a student with feedback from your mentor. You’ll receive feedback, home practice ideas, and you will also film a short video for the website. To learn more about the mentorship, submit the contact form below.


The NeuroRehab Movement Mentorship Inquiry

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