Welcome to The Neuro Studio!

We are dedicated to improving the quality of movement and quality of life for people living with neurological disease.

Our online and in-person courses and training programs are designed for fitness professionals, physical therapists, and people living with neurological conditions.


What We Do

We offer advanced education programs for instructors and scientifically-backed and studio-tested online workouts for patients, both tailored to address and improve common neurological issues such as balance problems, weakness, and spasticity.

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Who We Are

Our team is led by Mariska Breland and Meghann Koppele. They are experts in their field and have in-depth experience working with neurological conditions both personally and professionally.

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Where to Find Us

We've trained hundreds of teachers in our techniques and our Neuro Network expands to continents around the globe. Find a teacher near you who understands how to teach clients who are living with MS, Parkinson’s Disease, and other common neurological disorders.

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“Learning about neuroplasticity and how physical exercise can help rewire and heal the brain was fascinating! You really do see clients' quality of movement and strength change, which then gives them the confidence to believe in themselves. It has been very rewarding work!” 


Pilates for Neurological Conditions Exercise

Our Courses

Want to delve deeply into working with neurological conditions? Our in-person certification courses are recognized with CECs from the Pilates Method Alliance.

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The Textbook

Our 314-page reference guide includes detailed information and more than 250 exercises that are applicable for nearly all neurological diseases and spinal cord injuries.

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